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Placa Vrbničkog statuta 4
51516 Vrbnik
+385 51 857 479

Working hours:
01.01-31.05 / 16.09.-31.12.: monday – friday 08:00 -15:00 h
01.06.-15.09.: monday – friday 08:00 -15:00 h
saturday – sunday – holidays 08:00 - 13:00 h


Vrbnik is a small town of astonishing beauty located on a cliff 49 meters above sea level.

Its position on a high rock, its houses closely built around a bell tower and the interwoven labyrinths of narrow streets provide a perfect destination for all those craving to experience the sentimental ambiance of irreversible times.

The first impression for visitors approaching the town by road, especially after emerging from the peaceful expanse of green fields planted with famous golden žlahtina grapes, is a magnificent vision of the settlement perched on the cliff merging with the blue sea and the Velebit mountain range in the background.

This unique old town is surrounded by banks of houses and is partially protected by a fortification and walls from the sea.

Vrbnik offers countless possibilities. It proudly presents its rich cultural and religious heritage and it is specially appreciated by the artists, who find a source of inexhaustible inspiration in its beauty. The combination of tradition and modernity nurtured by the local restaurant and tavern owners leads to culinary delights and culinary specialties of the area is accompanied by intoxicating magnificent žlahtina wine.

Active holiday lovers can enjoy hiking, cycling and diving, and others can relish discovering hidden curiosities and beauties or simply let the sun and the sea of the many surrounding local beaches and coves pamper them.

Vrbnik has a story to tell. Discover the story it will unravel only for you!