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City of Krk

Krk (Città di Veglia), the Roman Curicum and the medieval Frankopans’ town, better known as Krk citizens’ Most Splendid Town (Splendidissima Civitas Curictarum) will tell you its story - all you have to do is enter its walls, open the courtyards and enjoy the pleasure...

Krk’s history dates back to prehistoric times - the first of its pages were written by the Illyrians then by the Romans and the Frankopans whilst a deep imprint was left by the Venetians.

The city of Krk is the business, administrative and cultural centre of the island. Together with the villages situated in its hinterland, it covers an area of 18 km2. A quiet and rural town and hinterland it has, in recent years, become interesting to tourists mainly because of its rich offer of agritourisms, healthy food and healthy lifestyle

According to the 2011 census, there ar 5583 inhabitants living in the city of Krk area. The whole city of Krk area and particularly the city itself is, from an economic point of view, oriented toward tourism and service activities and is extremely rich with cultural and historical heritage.

The city of Krk is also known as the city of history and culture. Krk inhabitants are very proud of it. This town has been in existence for almost 2500 years – a period that can tickle the imagination of anybody, casual passers-by or explorers. So, if you come to the Golden town or, as it was called in the 4th century - The Most Splendid Town of Krk citizens (Splendidissima Civitas Curictarum) – we invite you to take a walk through its historic core.

Become familiar with its stone streets, small squares and discovering every single corner that has been refined with the veil of its past… Meet a town of diligent people who have weaved its magnificent past and immersed it in the sea of the future.

Even today, the golden city of Krk has remained surrounded by city walls. Krk's fortification walls are a multilayered reading that are both interesting and challenging for the experienced eye of an expert or the intrigued eye of the local inhabitant or visitor. Krk's fortification walls consist of several town gates, castles and two independent towers. These fortification walls date back to the 6th century BC whilst the prehistoric walls were mentioned for the first time in an inscription of their renewal from the 1st century BC, which today is situated in the Frankopans’ castle. This massive and unsightly stone, rough-hewn by hand, actually carries the oldest known inscription in the Latin language and alphabet on Croatian territory.

Much more on the rich history of this city and its surrounding areas can be found at Story of Krk:

Welcome to the glorious city of the people of Krk!


Organic farmer's markets in May

02.05.2023 - 30.05.2023
Grad Krk

Town's waterfront - Krušija (near the Laundress statue)

Krk Ethno Fest: Pul Kaštela

26.05.2023 - 28.05.2023
Grad Krk

Frankopan Castle