Kornić, Muraj and Lakmartin

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Kornić, Muraj and Lakmartin

Once you’re well familiar with the center itself, the town of Krk, plan the time you’ ll spend getting to know the settlements around the town. If you decide to head east, after only eight kilometres you’ ll be awaited by Kornić, a village with two adjoining settlements - Muraj and Lakmartin.

What is most important to see in the area, you will see even before you enter the respective places. At the intersection where you will leave the main island roadway and head uphill, you will see an unusual building – the church of St. Donat, a first-class sacral monument of Croatian architecture.

However, it is possible that you’ ll be attracted by the unusual dome-like building even without warning.It concerns a chapel from the first half of the 12th century, a quadrilateral area covered by a dome and three apses. Don’t be surprised by its simplicity. You’re standing in front of an exceptionally important Croatian heritage of sacral architecture, its original prototype. A world heritage site.

In Kornić itself, we direct you to inspect the ethnographic collection and visit the local church of Saint Jacob, built in the mid 19th century in a Baroque style. Should you continue on the road, you’ ll enter Muraj, and then the last settlement in the area – Lakmartin. Here, visit the chapel of Mary’s Annunciation (it is also called the chapel of Saint Anthony of Padova). At the beginning of the 18th century, this chapel was built by eleven families, nine of them donated the fields and forests, while he other families supplied the materials and built he chapel.

Take some more advice from us, rather than use a car for this trip, use a bike. Why? Find out for yourself!