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Vrbnik Music Camp

This year's Vrbnik Music Camp, organized by Vrbnik Municipality and Tourist Office of Vrbnik, starts on 07.07.2018. (8th of July). The course is open for everybody who is interested in improving their music knowledge. Through workshops, individual classes and concerts, students are offered a diverse program that includes both theory and practice.

All lecturers are professional musicians, experienced in music courses. Classes are held daily from 9:00 to 14:00 and at the final concert 15.7. in Vrbnik, where participants will have the opportunity to present their skills and talents.

Applications will be accepted until 20.06. You can get more information about the course at the Tourist Office of Vrbnik tel. 857-479, at, via e-mail, or at Vrbnik Music Camp


Date and time: 07.07.2018. 9:00 - 14:00

Duration: 07.07.2018. - 15.07.2018.

Event price:: Info @ TZO Vrbnik

www: Vrbnik Music Camp

Culture, Entertainment, Concerts


Vrbnik, Municipal Building

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