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Ribarnica Jazz Fair

For the seventh year in a row, the best Croatian and foreign jazz artists are performing during Summer nights in front of Restaurant Nada and their famous "Ribarnica" terrace. So, it's jazz, wine and food!

Encouraged by the attendance of these nights, owners of the restaurant have decided to treat everybody with a Jazz festival, called Ribarnica Jazz Fair. This is the third year the fair is organized, and will take place from June 24 to September1.

Come and enjoy Vrbnik stories.


23.6.Vedran Ružić 4 tet

24.6. Blubird trio

30.6. Darko Jurković Charlie trio

1.7. Denis Razz 4tet

7.7. Bruno Mičetć trio

8.7. Spart Jazz 4tet

14.7. Astrid Kuljanić 4 tet

15.7. Darko Jurković Charlie solo concert 2 guitars

21.7. Valerija Nikolovska trio

22.7. Ken Baily 4 tet

27.8. Branimir Gazdik 4 tet

28.8. Mystic Rose 4 tet

4.8 Katarina Jurić 4 tet

11.8. Denis Razz 4 tet

13.8. Zvonimir Radišić 4 tet

15.8. Alba Nacinovich 4 tet

18.8. Spart Jazz 4 tet

24.8. Mitja Tavčar 4 tet

25.8. Denis Razz 4 tet

1.9. Spart Jazz 4 tet


Date and time: 23.06.2018. 21:00

Duration: 23.06.2018. - 01.09.2018.

Entertainment, Concerts


Vrbnik, Viewpoint (Ribarnica)

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