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Raul Perčić: “Geometrija” (“Geometry”) - exhibition of artwork

 27 June – 31 July BAŠKA, Zvonimir Art Gallery

"This new work of Raul Perčić shows a whole new painting poetics. Instead of the abstraction of the expressive movement and the painting with an uncontrollable eruptive charge, the painter now carefully builds the elements of the form and thus creates a strictly geometrically structured image field. Lacking the need for social transformation and Utopian modernist ideas of change in humanity and society, Perčić's paintings are pure, formal works consistent with today's postmodernism and are a result of love for painting."
- Nataša Ivančević

Author: Raul Perčić
Custos: Theo de Canziani

Free entrance



Date and time: 27.06.2019.

Duration: 27.06.2019. - 31.07.2019.




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