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Friends of the Sea 2018: The Way It Once Was

FRIENDS OF THE SEA’ EXHIBITION 2018: "The way it once was "


The 2018 exhibition, from the "Friends of the Sea" series, presents a series of photographic records generated in the atmosphere created during the games by the sea or the rush of adrenaline that

they result in; presented on 60 large - formats.

The aim of this exhibition is to show local and foreign visitors the enviable media culture through tourist photography, which with its theme and the given time frame, follows the life of the Croatian Adriatic.


The works were selected by the expert team of the "Rovinj Photodays" festival and the authors are as follows: Stanko Abadžić, Max Juhasz,  Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić. 


Date and time: 01.06.2018.

Duration: 01.06.2018. - 15.06.2018.

Exhibitions, Culture



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