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"Stone as the sea" - Fine Art Exhibition by the MA Sculptor Ljubo De Karina at the opening of the event “Fisherman’s Day”

2 August – 4 September BAŠKA, Art Gallery Zvonimir

Free entrance

Ljubo de Karina (Rijeka, 1948) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia), and attendeed his postgraduate studies at the Masters Workshops of prof. VanjaRaduša and prof. AntonaAugustinšić. Since 1973 he has been a freelance artist.

He has had a number of solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, participated in a series of group exhibitions and sculpture symposia, and his sculptures are in exhibited in many public places throughout Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and Japan. He was the artistic director of the Baška Glagolitic Trail project, for which he created three monumental Glagolitic letters, "A", "L", "B" and a wind rose with the letter "omega".


Stone acting as the sea

Descending into the depths, veiled in distances yet unknown, sail the dreams of Ljubo Karina. The organic quality of his work generates mimetic but at the same time abstract spatial objects. Representing the very beginnings of Eneolithic cognition and symbolizing the ancient roots of prehistorical forests trapped in stone, these sculptures symbolize the essence of our beings. With an almost archaeological detection of qualitative variables,Karina creates sculptures and painting compositions of tremendous connectivity, whose materiality produce multiple layers of wise messages.  Stone, wood and metal, but other materials too, which the artist has used in the fifty years of creation, provide a functional guideline to the object formation. The powerful sculptural and compositional whole, oriented towards the landscape, gives figurative basis;yet, at the same time, it offers a variation of an absolute abstract creation, symbolizing the endlessness of conceptual quest.

The credibility of abstract modalities lies in the core of the organic form whose essence gives credibility to any definition. Traditional spatial determinants of Brseč, seen from the aspect of a transition from the ancient beliefs, build the foundation of knowledge in the man-nature relationship. Or, in other words, one is expressed with the other. Acknowledging the power and the abundance of nature, Ljubo de Karina is even more fascinated with the role of man and his creative transformation of self.

The artist hands hewing the stone, cutting and carving the wood, casting the metal, always search for imperfect forms and textures for which they feel the urge to act. the transformation of nature using the essence of structure into a new form is a perpetuum and the creative backbone of the entire oeuvre of this artist.

In the hidden landscapes veiled in imagination, pebbles made of metal and the finest fibrous verticals sailthrough maritime horizons towards the light of a higher strata of the known world; they create the worlds of impossible possibilities, striving towards the ideal of eternal beauty.


Theodor de Canziani



Date and time: 02.08.2019.

Duration: 02.08.2019. - 04.09.2019.




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