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“2 x Baška” – exhibition of photos by the authors Darko Mohar and Luka Tabako

 6 September – 2 October BAŠKA, 8 pm,  Art Gallery Zvonimir

Free entry

Luka Tabako was born in Rijeka on January 15, 1984. He has been working as a freelance photographer for about ten years. It is difficult to determine exactly when he started taking photographs and when he began to pursue photography professionally, but what we can safely determine is that he loves his hometown, its dialect, people and traditions as much as he loves taking photos of his island. In addition to photography and shooting various short promotional films, he is also successful in visual design.

Darko Mohar was born in Slovenia in 1952, but six years later he moved with his family to Baška, where he completed his elementary education. After a brief return to Ljubljana, where he graduated from college, he returned to Rijeka and began working for the Customs Administration.
He connected his love for Slovenia and Croatia with memberships in the hiking societies "Opatija" and "Snežnik" and by running a hiking group of the Slovenian Assosiation in Rijeka. Hiking was also an ideal opportunity to develop his knowledge of photography, which is why mountains are a frequent motif of his work. Mohar has exhibited in over seventy joint exhibitions and has been awarded for his work numerous times. He is a member of the Photo Club "Color" from Rijeka and the photo group KPD Bazovica


Date and time: 06.09.2019.

Duration: 06.09.2019. - 02.10.2019.




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