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Acoustic night show - Concert Coffee shop acoustic

The Coffee Shop Acoustic was founded by Tomislav and Marijan in the fall of 2014. At the beginning, we played less performances by Kvarner and Istria, and after one year we achieved an average of about 150 performances in the country and abroad. In the absence of four years, we developed in every sense; we have enough lighting and lighting to play on smaller squares, and the repertoire has expanded considerably for years and we are proud of 50 new covers at the beginning of each summer season.

The repertoire is shared, keeping in mind the taste of our audience, as well as our personal affinities and desires. Every new song for us is a new challenge that we notice by the note as a new experience of a well-known song, giving it its recognizable seal.

Members: Mihaela Jergan, vocals

Tomislav Nekić, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals

Marijan Zidarić, acoustic guitar, vocals


Date and time: 28.07.2019. 21,00

Duration: 28.07.2019.

www: Acoustic night show - Concert Coffee shop acoustic

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